Why is oral hygiene so important?

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Why is oral hygiene so important? Clean business: But those who overdo it with oral hygiene risk high blood pressure. Our oral flora has a significant influence on heart health. Proper oral hygiene is therefore particularly important. But many people make a fatal mistake.

What are the basics of optimal oral hygiene?

The basics of optimum oral hygiene also include cleaning the interdental spaces and eliminating all caries-causing bacteria in the oral cavity. There are various aids to choose from. Find out about the basics of oral hygiene and read what to look out for in dental care.

How can you make a special contribution to oral hygiene?

If you want to make a special contribution to comprehensive oral hygiene, you can also care for the oral mucosa. Small compresses are suitable for this purpose, which are moistened, wrapped around the finger and then used to dab the inside of the cheeks and the palate.

How does oral hygiene start on the teeth?

Oral hygiene begins at - or rather on - the teeth. After each intake of food, food residues and bacteria settle on the tooth surface. They gradually cover the enamel with a biofilm. Sugary foods in particular promote the development and growth of the bacteria.

How to control teeth and teeth? During the checks in the practice, the teeth and gums are checked. The frequency of six months makes it possible to detect and treat possible dental diseases or oral hygiene deficits in time. Regular drinking keeps the tongue and oral mucosa moist.

How to remove the plaque?

Tooth plaque can be removed even better with the shaking movements of the "bass technique". However, the sweeping technique has proven its worth: Here you "sweep" with the brush from the gums to the crown of the tooth.

How to remove the plaque on the teeth? An interdental brush can also be used to rid the interdental spaces of all bacteria so that plaque is effectively removed. To remove plaque from the teeth, the right toothpaste is needed above all, because only a high-quality toothpaste effectively helps to remove plaque.

How does soft plaque discolor teeth? It can turn yellow or brown if you regularly consume stimulants such as black tea, coffee or red wine. Soft plaque forms on the teeth, at the necks of the teeth and in the interdental spaces. Remove plaque thoroughly every day with a toothbrush, interdental brushes or dental floss.

What are the special dental needs?

In addition to toothpastes with fluoride to strengthen the teeth, many other products for special dental needs are on the market. Here there are toothpastes against periodontosis, sensitive teeth, white teeth or special cleaning agents for dentures or implants.

What are the brushes for gums?

If you have very sensitive gums and press hard when brushing, you should choose a model with soft brushes. There are special brushes for implants that care for the gums. Electric toothbrushes are becoming increasingly popular these days.

What are electric toothbrushes for gums?

There are special brushes for implants that care for the gums. Electric toothbrushes are becoming increasingly popular these days. A manual toothbrush ensures sufficient dental care, but electric toothbrushes are much more comfortable and are to be favored especially in case of malpositioned teeth.

How does the toothpaste affect the teeth?

Herewith especially attacked teeth are cared for to keep the health as long as possible. The toothpaste has a preventive effect against caries and discoloration. Regular dental care with a product tailored to individual needs keeps teeth healthy and makes them shine.

What is the durability of a bamboo toothbrush?

The durability of a bamboo toothbrush depends largely on your care. Unlike plastic toothbrushes, the material is more sensitive to water. Manufacturers therefore recommend that you dry the toothbrush thoroughly after brushing and not just let it air dry. Otherwise mold can form.

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