The Laboratory of Tissue engineering is interested in the preparation of advanced materials for medical applications in field of regenerative medicine. The main goal of the Laboratory is to develop the most effective method for preparation of hyaluronan (HA) – based scaffolds which meet certain criteria, such as acceptable toxicological safety, required physico-chemical characteristics, biocompatibility and biodegradability. The Laboratory also supports work dealing with the preparation and molecular/functional characterisation of novel hyaluronan-based scaffolds. Laboratory of microfibers prepares fully degradable microfibers from biopolymers, mainly hyaluronic acid and its derivatives. The textile material has properties suitable for processing used in textile industry, that means can be prepared on conventional textile equipment. The 2D and 3D textile materials are prepared from biopolymer threads that can contain bioactive substances for different applications. The last achievement of the group is preparation of core shell fibres made from hyaluronic acid. Laboratory of nanofibers focus on preparation of nanofibers from biopolymers, utilizing originally developed electrospinning equipment 4SPIN, that is sold from January 2013 and covered by 4 patents ( ).


  • City: Dolni Dobrouc
  • Country: Czech Republic




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