Which potatoes are related to the fried potato?

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Which potatoes are related to the fried potato? Fried potatoes from raw potatoes have particularly high levels of nutrients, as all the ingredients remain in the pan during frying. However, it is important to prepare the potatoes with little fat. By the way, sweet potatoes are only very distantly related to the potato.

Is it possible to prepare sweet potatoes?

They are not at all related to the potato. However, they are said to contain a lot of oxalic acid, which is a big minus point. Just like asparagus and other vegetables, sweet potatoes should therefore not be eaten too often. You can prepare them like boiled potatoes:

What are potatoes?

Potatoes: Vegetarian or as a side dish to meat dishes - they are easy to cook and fill you up quickly. As a snack in the form of potato chips, they are therefore eaten on many occasions. In addition, there are many spices to further intensify the taste.

What are potato slices for all dishes?

They retain their firm structure during cooking and are therefore ideal for all dishes that call for thin, firm potato slices, such as salads, gratins, fried potatoes or jacket potatoes.

What are the characteristics of waxy potatoes?

The properties of mainly waxy potatoes are between the two varieties. From the properties of the tuber depends on what dish can be prepared from them. After all, fried potatoes should not disintegrate so quickly, while this, of course, is more desirable when preparing puree.

Which potato is the best choice?

The predominantly waxy potato has an excellent taste, although many people are still irritated by the red skin. As a jacket potato Laura is not the best choice, however, it goes perfectly with many other dishes.

Which potatoes remain firm when cooked? Firm-cooking potato varieties, as the name suggests, remain firm and do not disintegrate during cooking. They are therefore particularly suitable for fried potatoes, potato salads and boiled potatoes. Predominantly waxy potatoes keep their shape well during cooking.

How do the different potatoes differ from each other? The different potato varieties differ from each other mainly with regard to their starch content. For example, waxy potatoes have less starch than the floury variety. Incidentally, the starch ensures that the potato becomes soft during cooking.

What potatoes are best suited for use? With regard to gratin, fried potatoes, boiled potatoes and potato salad, on the other hand, it is best to use them always. Floury potatoes are suitable for any dish that requires mashed potatoes. Classic examples are potato pancakes, soups, dumplings and mashed potatoes.

What is the origin of the potato?

The origin of the potato The home of the potato is in South America, in what is now Bolivia and Peru. The indigenous people of South America planted the potato as early as 2,000 years ago. The potato found its way to Europe with the Spanish conquerors.

How to recognize a potato tuber? The potato tuberIf you cut a potato crosswise, you can see the different layers of the potato tuber. The cork layer forms the skin of the potato. It protects the potato from drying out, from pests such as insects and worms, and from damage and impact during harvesting.

What is the circumstance owed to the potato? This is due, among other things, to the fact that the potato thrives excellently in the Central European climate and in most agriculturally used soils. Besides Germany, there are other major potato-growing countries such as China, Russia, Poland, France, England, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and many others.

How long can you mix potatoes?

Depending on the size, boil for about 20 minutes - if you like, you can then mix fresh herbs such as chopped parsley into the potatoes. Potatoes are also ideal for sauces and soups to bind: finely grated potato binds.

How's sweet potato grilling?

How to do it: Wash sweet potato thoroughly and wrap in a damp paper towel. Cook in the microwave at full wattage for 8-10 minutes and cook to your liking. Instead of steaks, you can also grill the delicious sweet potato. To do this, marinate the potato slices and then cook on the grill.

What is the cooking time of sweet potatoes on the grill? It is better to put the grill on the top level, or grill the vegetables, turning them regularly at the edges and with the lid closed. The cooking time of sweet potatoes on the grill is about 12 to 15 minutes. Tip: Pre-cooking the sweet potato in boiling water shortens and simplifies the grilling process.

How to grill the sweet potatoes? The sweet potatoes are cut into 5 mm thick slices (works best with an all purpose slicer). The slices are thinly coated with olive oil on both sides and lightly salted. At temperatures of 150-170 degrees, the sweet potato slices are then grilled directly for about 5-7 minutes per side.

How to cut sweet potatoes grilling? Simply cut a large sweet potato into an oblong shape and fill it according to your taste, for example with kidney beans, herbs, mushrooms or spinach. To grill sweet potatoes, you do not need to pre-cook them. Just marinate or stuff them and put them on the grill.

How can you grill sweet potatoes on a skewer?

Grilling sweet potatoes on a skewer. Sweet potatoes are also a delicious ingredient for vegetable skewers, you can combine them for example with onions, zucchini or peppers. Peel the potatoes and cut them into thick cubes. Then you can alternate them with the vegetables of your choice on a skewer.