What is the psychological dependence on cell phones and the Internet?

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What is the psychological dependence on cell phones and the Internet? Mobile and Internet Dependency Syndrome" (MAIDS) describes the psychological dependency on cell phones and the Internet. Digital communication is so integrated into everyday life that a sudden absence can lead to anxiety or even panic.

What is the psychological dependence of Internet addicts? Internet addicts often have psychological problems such as depression or anxiety. In the case of non-substance-related addiction, a similar neurophysiological mechanism is evident as in the case of substance-related addictions. Psychological dependence also outweighs physical dependence in substance-related addictions such as alcoholism.

What are the different forms of Internet addiction?

Their symptoms are similar to those of Internet addiction. What forms of addiction are there? Basically, two forms of Internet addiction are distinguished: generalized and specific Internet addiction.

What factors indicate cell phone addiction?

Several factors also point to cell phone addiction, such as compulsive behavior to buy the latest model, distractibility and compulsivity, and prioritization of constant accessibility.

What is online computer game addiction?

Online computer game addiction, i.e., addiction to online games offered and played on the Internet, plays a particularly large role in this context. These games have a high addiction potential due to various factors inherent in the game (such as reward systems and integration into a social player network).

What are the issues of computer game addiction in the media? Popular topics of computer game addiction in the media are the so-called first-person shooters, which are also said to have an effect on the person affected in such a way that they blunt him and make him more aggressive. However, this theory has not been proven. What is certain, however, is that computer game addiction must be placed in therapeutic hands.

How does it go with computer game addiction? "With computer game addiction, on the one hand, it's about the addictive behavior of playing more and more, increasing the dose, having withdrawal symptoms when you can't play, loss of control, lying and deceiving others. So all the addictive behaviors and addictive feelings play a role.

How is computer game addiction treated with medication? In rare cases, computer game addiction is treated with medication. However, especially where reality is denied with all one's might, the use of medication is helpful. At the request of the person suffering from computer game addiction, an inpatient measure is also possible.

What is a computer game addiction? Computer Game Addiction! In 2018, computer game addiction was added to the official catalog of mental illnesses as a "gaming disorder". One reason for the recognition by the WHO was also that the frequency has increased significantly due to the spread of smartphones (and thus mobile games).

What is an Internet addiction?

Substance-related addiction such as alcoholism or drug addiction and non-substance-related addiction such as gambling addiction or Internet addiction have similar symptoms: Loss of control, strong cravings, withdrawal symptoms, and engaging in the addictive behavior despite known negative consequences. 1 What is Internet addiction?

What are the causes of internet addiction?

Common causes of Internet addiction are the desire to escape reality and difficulties with one's own identity. In the treatment of Internet addiction, as with other addictive disorders, it is important to find the underlying causes and to open up ways out for the person affected.

Why do people talk about Internet addiction?

We speak of Internet addiction when behaviors of a dependency disorder appear: the person affected can no longer control how much time he or she spends on the computer, smartphone or tablet, thoughts revolve only around the digital world, and social relationships and mental health suffer as a result.

How many Internet addicts are there in Germany?

There are more than half a million Internet addicts in Germany, including more men than women. While women often act out their Internet addiction in social networks such as facebook, men tend to focus on computer games. It is not the length of time someone is online that determines whether they are diagnosed with an Internet addiction.

When is Internet addiction present?

Strictly speaking, an Internet addiction exists when the person affected can no longer influence his or her activities on the Internet and Internet use interferes with other areas of his or her life. This often includes, for example: Failure at school or work Neglect of friends and family

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