What is the cause of hitzepickeln?

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What is the cause of hitzepickeln? The cause of heat pimples are clogged sweat glands. Normally, the sweat from the sweat gland is directed via an excretory duct to the surface of the skin to evaporate. Heat pimples occur when this excretory duct is blocked.

What are the heat pimples in children and babies?

Heat pimples in children, babies and toddlers. Exceptionally often the itchy heat pimples occur in toddlers and babies. The reason is usually too warm and airtight clothing.

What are the hitzepickel forms? From a clinical point of view, heat pimples are divided into four groups depending on the localization of the sweat gland occlusion. The forms show different symptoms. Miliaria cristallina: This is the mildest form.

When do heat pimples appear?

Heat pimples occur as soon as the affected person is exposed to strong heat or direct sunlight for several hours. It is often sufficient to apply cold compresses to the affected areas or to take a cold shower. Medicinal treatment against heat pimples is not necessary in most cases.

What is the diagnosis of hitzepickeln?

No special tests or procedures are needed to diagnose heat pimples. The doctor simply performs a physical examination to determine the rash. Adults develop heat pimples mainly on areas of the body where the skin lies on top of each other and in folds of the skin.

What are vitamin preparations for heat pimples?

Vitamin preparations with vitamin C or vitamin D can reduce heat pimples and have a preventive effect, especially in combination with special sunscreen without preservatives and fragrances. Other home remedies for heat pimples are healing clay (mixed with water or chamomile tea and applied to the heat pimples).

What is the disease process of hitzepickeln? The course of the disease of heat pimples depends on the respective form and its severity: In the mildest form, also called Miliaria crystallina, sweat only accumulates in the uppermost layer of the skin. If sweat production decreases, the pimples also recede.

What should you do about heat pimples? To do something against heat pimples, you should keep the skin dry and wear airy clothes. As a rule, heat pimples heal on their own. If heat pimples itch, the doctor can prescribe special preparations with cortisone (e.g. Soventol Hydrocort 0.5% cream, over-the-counter, pharmacy) to apply to the skin.

What are the causes of hitzepickeln?

Heat pimples can occur in people of any age. However, they occur much more frequently in babies and young children. This is because their sweat glands are much smaller and thus clog more quickly. The cause of such a heat rash is therefore heat and friction and not direct sunlight.

What are the causes of hitzepickeln in babies?

Heat pimples or heat rash in babies 1 These are the symptoms of heat pimples. 2 Causes of heat pimples: blocked sweat pores are to blame. 3 This is the right way to treat heat pimples. 4 Heat pimples often appear at night. 5 When you should go to the doctor about heat pimples.

Which areas are vulnerable in babies and toddlers?

In babies and toddlers, the areas that are covered by clothing or their diaper are often affected. This is because not only does the heat accumulate there, but the additional friction of the clothing on the skin also promotes the formation of the skin irritation. Places where skin meets skin are also susceptible.

What is jaundice in babies? In babies, jaundice can be an indication of cystitis. If you suspect a bladder infection, you should take your baby to the pediatrician. This is because there is a risk that the bacteria responsible for cystitis may rise to the kidney.

What is the course of the disease in babies and young children? In babies and young children, the disease is usually more severe. Due to the severe diarrhea and unpleasant vomiting, they quickly lose a lot of body fluid. Circulatory problems, dizziness and dehydration are usually the result. If their fluid loss is not compensated, the condition can quickly become life-threatening.

Is cystitis in babies susceptible? Since babies' kidneys have yet to fully mature, they are very vulnerable. As a result of an untreated bladder infection, babies can very easily develop a kidney pelvis infection and permanent damage to the kidneys. The doctor will first check your baby's urine for germs.

How do heat pimples develop in newborns?

Adults develop heat pimples mainly on parts of the body where the skin lies on top of each other and in skin folds. In newborns, the rash can appear virtually anywhere, but especially on the upper body. There are three different types of heat pimples. They differ in the place where the pores block.

What are heat-related pimples? Some of the heat-related pimples are purely visually annoying, others are accompanied by inflammation and itching. Many people think first and foremost of newborns, infants and toddlers when they think of heat pimples. But they can also manifest in adults, especially in warm and humid weather conditions.