What is an Australian Shepherd character?

Posted on by Dane Everett

What is an Australian Shepherd character? The Australian Shepherd character is: active, affectionate, protective, intelligent, good-natured, caring, friendly, cheerful, gentle, easy-going, intelligent, loyal, alert. An Aussie is simply wonderful - from the appearance and his character.

What are the dangers with Australian Shepherds? Diseases and dangers in Australian Shepherds. Attention: Merle/Merle matings can result in severe defects, such as blindness or deafness. Therefore such matings are forbidden in Germany! Detailed information about the appearance and possible "defects" in Australian Shepherds can be found under Buying Advice.

What are the characteristics of the Australian Shepherd? The Australian Shepherd is active, attentive and docile. If you don't overload him and don't underload him, he is the ideal companion for many people: Outside he is a sportsman who can do everything. Inside relaxed, cuddly and calm.

Why is the Mini Australian Shepherd particularly recommended?

Due to its size, the Mini Australian Shepherd is often favored in families with children. However, it should be remembered that his nature is no different from his big brother! These dogs are intelligent and very willing to learn. After all, they were often challenged to the utmost when herding large herds of cattle.

What dog sports are suitable for an Australian Shepherd?

In order to exercise him, dog sports or even mental occupation are necessary. So an Australian Shepherd is also suitable as a search dog or rescue dog and also as disaster dogs. Even as therapy dogs and guide dogs the Australian Shepherd is used today.

What dog sports are suitable for any Australian Shepherd?

High speed dog sports such as agility, flyball & co. are therefore not suitable for every Australian Shepherd. It may be worthwhile for a rather hyper dog to switch to calmer, more focused sports. Otherwise: Everything is good, where dog and owner have fun.

How to find Australian Shepherds in Europe?

In Europe Australian Shepherds can be found only since the 1970s, but since then more and more often. In Germany, the Club für Australian Shepherd (CASD) has been the first breed-registering club since 2001. The Australian Shepherd has a balanced build of medium size and bone strength.

How much does an Australian Shepherd cost?

Australian Shepherds usually cost between 1,300 and 2,400 euros to purchase. Where does the Australian Shepherd come from? Contrary to many expectations, the Australian Shepherd does not originate from Australia, but from North America.

How are the Australian Shepherds banned in Germany?

There are Australian Shepherds also in small. The so-called Miniature American Shepherds are medium-sized dogs, but they are not yet recognized as an independent breed. A mating of two merle-colored dogs often causes deafness or blindness in the puppies and is forbidden in Germany.

How long does it take to deliver the Australian Shepherd puppy?

By the time the Australian Shepherd puppy is 8-12 weeks old, the breeder has already contributed a lot to its welfare and health. This includes the first worming and the beginning of the basic immunization of the litter. Depending on the age of the puppies, the current vaccination status may vary.

Is the Australian Shepherd a healthy dog breed?

The Australian Shepherd is essentially a healthy and robust dog breed. Various hereditary diseases common in the population of the Aussie, for example in the eyes or the MDR-1 genetic defect, a metabolic problem, are combated in serious breeding.

Is the Australian Shepherd a family dog?

Yes, the Australian Shepherd is a family dog that needs a lot of exercise and activity. The medium-sized dogs have a very harmonious physique. Their athleticism and agility are reflected in their physique. The Aussie's body is well proportioned and the dogs can boast good bone strength.

How much food does an Australian Shepherd need?

As with most dog breeds, it is recommended to feed your Australian Shepherd a diet that consists of a lot of meat (at least 70%) and vegetables and fruit (about 20-30%). Grains your dog needs rather little, sugar should be avoided completely.