Is DHEA still unexplored?

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Is DHEA still unexplored? Although DHEA remains largely unexplored in its multiple modes of action, several long-term studies have shown that men with lowered DHEA levels were affected by a significantly higher mortality rate from heart attacks and strokes after two to four years of observation,

What is an obvious application for DHEA?

An obvious application for DHEA is hormone replacement in aging women and men. For example, the use of DHEA in women with adrenal insufficiency has been studied. These women formed too little endogenous DHEA.

Is DHEA available in the US?

In the USA, DHEA enjoys a very high reputation as a youth hormone, so to speak, and millions of men take this hormone. In Germany, DHEA is available through international pharmacies and often leads to an overall improvement in well-being and performance in older men.

How did DHEA substitution improve?

DHEA substitution improved their complaints, as well as their mood and well-being. DHEA is currently being tested in numerous smaller studies in patients with various diseases. However, the results to date are not convincing and often contradict each other. Studies exist, for example, in:

Why is DHEA banned?

Like androsterone, it is one of the metabolic intermediates of testosterone and is therefore also referred to as a prohormone. It is prohibited under the doping regulations of the International Olympic Committee. DHEA was discovered in urine by Butenandt and Dannenbaum in 1934.

Is DHEA a misdemeanor? Importing DHEA is not a misdemeanor, but a felony - at least if the seized package contains more than 3000 mg of active ingredient. DHEA is in fact a doping substance according to the Anti-Doping Act.

Is DHEA banned in the USA?

By the way, DHEA is banned in Germany, in Canada I would have gotten it only on prescription and in the USA it was quite "normal" on the shelf of a drugstore and is allowed there. Method to lose weight?

How does DHEA improve in women and men?

Subjective physical and psychological well-being improved significantly in women and men taking DHEA. Subjects in the studies slept better, described an increased energy level and a higher stress tolerance (better "stress-coping").

How does DHEA work in men? Overweight men have proven to have too high estrogen levels (abdominal fat) to the disadvantage of testosterone. DHEA has a harmonizing and balancing effect on our psyche, it improves short-term memory and retentiveness, can positively influence depressive moods and counteracts chronic fatigue.

How much DHEA should I take? When urine is examined after 24 hours: DHEA levels below 0.10 ng/24 hours in women and below 0.50 ng in men may indicate a deficiency. How much DHEA should I take? The recommended dose is 25 to 50 mg per day for women, and 50 to 75 mg per day for men.

When do you reach the DHEA levels?

The production of DHEA peaks at around 25 years of age and then steadily declines. At all ages, men have slightly higher levels of DHEA than women. DHEA is metabolized in the liver to the sulfate DHEA-S (discovered in 1994).

How much DHEA is there in men? The dose depends individually on the measured DHEA value, the age, also depending on the case on the weight (background DHEA and fat tissue). In my practice, individual dosages of 30-40mg DHEA are usually sufficient for men.

What are DHEA and DHEA-S? However, DHEA and DHEA-S also have an independent androgenic (= acting like a male sex hormone) and anabolic hormone effect. Both prohormones can also be converted into each other by the enzymes sulfotransferase and sulfatase.The enzymes are present in many tissues.

Why are DHEA supplements?

Dietary supplements containing DHEA have been touted as "anti-aging" remedies since the 1990s. One of the reasons for this is that DHEA levels decrease with age.

What are the benefits of DHEA for the heart?

DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone acetate) is sometimes marketed as an anti-aging medicine. But besides this advantage, DHEA can protect the heart and improve brain function. However, there are also some disadvantages of DHEA or DHEA sulfate (DHEA-S).

How does the psychological effect of DHEA improve?

Psychological effect of DHEA In women and men taking DHEA, subjective physical and psychological well-being improved significantly. Subjects in the studies slept better, described increased energy levels and higher stress tolerance (better "stress-coping").

How is DHEA used in psychiatry? In psychiatry, DHEA has therefore long been used in the treatment of depression of various causes. Subjects with adequate DHEA blood concentrations have lower insulin, glucose and cholesterol levels and thus a lower risk of heart disease as well as a higher life expectancy.

How does DHEA protect against stroke?

It protects the heart, skin, joints and bones. It prevents insulin resistance and thus diabetes mellitus and metabolic syndrome, and thus also reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack. DHEA improves the muscle-fat ratio of the body (body composition).

How does DHEA affect high blood pressure? DHEA counteracts stress as well as depression, physiologically it reduces the tendency of blood platelets to clump together, which is known to lead to heart attacks and strokes, also lowers high blood pressure.

How does DHEA reduce stroke?

DHEA reduces both the sensation of stress and the tendency of platelets to clump together, and it also significantly lowers high blood pressure and can prevent strokes via these mechanisms. Furthermore, DHEA attaches to specific receptors of the intima (vascular wall) and releases nitric oxide (NO) there.

What is the drop in DHEA and DHEA?

The decrease in testosterone, DHEA/DHEAS and growth hormone (also known as the natural "anabolic steroids" of men and women) leads not only to disorders of well-being, but also to various typical diseases of aging: Wild YAMS can help stimulate the production of the "anti-aging" hormone DHEA in a natural way.

What is DHEA for male hormones?

Depending on the respective hormonal level, it can behave like an estrogen or like an androgen. DHEA is the precursor for both male sex hormones ( androgens ) and female sex hormones ( estrogens ).

What is a DHEA Reception?

DHEA prescription is an "off lable" substitution (when no other clinical conditions cause DHEA changes). This means a thorough and documented medical explanation is required. In general, I recommend having DHEA manufactured by experienced, certified pharmacies in Germany.

How is DHEA converted in the testes?

In men, DHEAS is converted back to DHEA in the testes, in women in the follicles by a sulfatase. This conversion is regulated by a feedback mechanism.

How is the distribution of the DHEAS controlled? The secretion of dheas is controlled by adrenocorticotropic hormone (acth) and other pituitary factors. Since dheas is predominantly produced in the adrenal gland, it can be used as a measure of its function.

Is a deficiency of testosterone or DHEA proven?

If a deficiency of testosterone or DHEA is proven in the laboratory tests, a significant improvement of the overall situation can often be achieved by supplementation of the hormones mentioned.

What are the dosages for DHEA?

DHEA - Dosage and intake The dosages commonly used in studies are between 25 and 100 mg. These are considered safe and have shown little to no side effects in the past. Women usually take doses between 5 and 50 mg.

What are DHEA and DHEA? DHEA and DHEAS (dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate) are endogenous hormones whose function is not yet fully understood. The body's own production of DHEA is not constant. In infants, the adrenal cortex produces very little DHEA.

What is the level of DHEA in men?

From this point on, the DHEA level continuously decreases. The normal DHEA level of a healthy adult male ranges between 750-1,250 milligrams per deciliter of blood (mg/dL), in women the normal value is between 550-980 mg/dL.