Is butter dangerous for healthy people?

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Is butter dangerous for healthy people? For healthy people, butter is no more dangerous or harmless than margarine. Butter contains a wide range of fatty acids. In addition to saturated fatty acids, it also contains monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. The latter, also called omega-3 fatty acids, have beneficial effects on the heart and blood pressure.

Is butter healthier than margarine? Butter is healthier than its reputation. (Image: Marco Wüste) The German Nutrition Society recommends a maximum daily amount of 30 grams. This applies equally to margarine. If you're healthy, you don't have to give up the taste of butter and can reach for the popular spread with confidence.

Is butter healthier than previously thought?

Butter is healthier than previously thought. For many years, butter has been considered to increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes. In the meantime, various studies have now given the all-clear. For healthy people, butter is no more dangerous or harmless than margarine. Butter contains a wide range of fatty acids.

What is butter for our immune system? Butter is a very valuable part of our diet that can improve our immune system, regulate hormones, protect vision, stimulate metabolism, increase brain function, reduce the likelihood of heart disease and blood pressure, and protect us from cancer.

What is the best butter for pasture butter?

Pasture-raised butter: Butter from cows that are grass-fed (e.g. Kerrygold) is the better choice here. It comes from cows that are fed in a species-appropriate manner, which is also reflected in the quality of the butter: The proportions of the healthy ingredients described above are many times higher in pasture-raised butter than in standard butter.

What butter tests have we done?

For the Stiftung Warentest butter test, we examined 30 unsalted products: Milk-soured butter, sweet cream butter and sour cream butter. Well-known brands are in the test, including butters such as Dutch butter Mrs. Antje, Irish butter Kerrygold, Landliebe, Meggle and Weihenstephan.

How much butter does it take to make one kilogram of butter? Approximately 24 liters of cow's milk are required to produce one kilogram of butter. A basic distinction is made between butter produced exclusively from milk cream and butter produced from a mixture of milk and whey cream butter.

Which butters are the most expensive in the test? Spar Bio Butter, Migros' own brand Valflora, Denner's preferred butter and Migros' Bio Butter all scored 4.7. 40 percent of all butter sold is preferred butter. The preferred butter from Coop did well, scoring 4.8, and the organic butter, available at Volg and Globus, one of the most expensive in the test at 4.20 Swiss francs.

Who knows the benefits of butter? Professor Dr. Nicolai Worm from Munich also knows the advantages of butter: "Butter is a pure natural product and, unlike margarine, contains no artificially hydrogenated fats," says the nutritionist.

What is today's margarine?

Simply put, today's margarine is a highly processed food made from vegetable oils, while butter is essentially concentrated milk fat. Butter is a dairy product made by processing cream. Conversely, margarine is a product designed to mimic butter.

What is hydrogenation in margarine?

For several decades, a process known as hydrogenation has been used to harden the vegetable oils in margarine. Hydrogenation increases the content of saturated fatty acids in the oil, but unhealthy trans fats are formed as a by-product ( 1 ).

What is margarine from vegetable fats?

In 1903, the food chemist Norman applied for a patent for the production of margarine from vegetable fats. This, however, involved the addition of a wide variety of chemical substances. Today, margarine consists of at least 80% vegetable fats, which are either solid or hardened. Other ingredients are water or skim milk.

What is the disadvantages of butter?

However, butter has a decisive disadvantage: If it is to be spread on bread fresh from the refrigerator and correspondingly cold, collateral damage is not uncommon. The bread crumbles, the crisp cracks, as Stiftung Warentest so nicely summarizes the problem.

What is there in the baking of butter? Baking: Butter gives cakes, cookies and the like a special flavor. Margarine usually can't keep up. However, the baked goods will be more stable if you use margarine. This is because it contains emulsifiers that turn the water/fat mixture into a constant mass.

How are you responsible for a strong immune system?

No, it's you, you alone are responsible for a strong immune system! There are so many ways to support your body in its mission: good lifestyle habits, healthy eating, exercise or a positive attitude towards life. Simple health tips for strengthening the immune system you will get in the course of the article.

How many butter products are there in the test?

On rolls, for baking, for refining dishes - for many, butter is irreplaceable. Stiftung Warentest has tasted and analyzed butter. In the test: 30 products, 15 of which were mildly acidified butter, 13 sweet cream butter, and two sour cream butter.

What butter is on the shelves? If you want to buy butter, you have plenty of choice: On the shelves you'll find German brand butter next to Irish butter, conventionally produced butter next to organic butter and pasture butter, unsalted butter next to salted butter.

Which butter brands were represented in the test?

A total of 30 butter brands were examined and tested more closely. These 30 organic and non-organic products were divided into the various cream levels of butter, so that in the end 2 of the sour cream level, 13 of the sweet cream level and 15 of the most popular milk-soured level were represented in the test.

How does the cows affect the ingredients of butter?

The feeding of the cows affects the ingredients of the butter. If the cows are fed a lot of green fodder, the butter contains more omega-3 fatty acids. Corn and concentrated feed lower the levels of omega-3 fatty acids. A high proportion of green fodder also affects the proportion of unsaturated fatty acids in the butter.

What are the products in the butter test?

In the test: 30 products, 15 of which were mildly acidified butter, 13 sweet cream butter, and two sour cream butter. These included well-known brands such as Kerrygold, Landliebe and Weihenstephan. Just under half are organic products. The results of the butter test are convincing: every second butter scores well.

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